​Besides being fun, art has many developmental benefits. Art can help with:

  • Motor Skills: Many of the motions involved in making art, such as cutting paper, holding a paintbrush or scribbling with a crayon, are essential to the growth of fine motor skills in young children.
  • Visual Learning: Drawing, painting, and threading beads on a string all develop visual-spatial skills.
  • Language Development: For very young children, making art—or just talking about it—provides opportunities to learn words such as colors, shapes and actions. By elementary school, children can use descriptive words to discuss their own creations or to talk about what feelings are elicited when they see different styles of artwork.
  • Decision Making and Problem Solving: Art education strengthens problem-solving and critical-thinking skills. Artistic creations are born through the solving of problems.  Without even realizing it children that participate in the arts are consistently being challenged to solve problems.  All this practice with problem solving helps to develop children’s skills in reasoning and understanding.
    ​For example:
    • What colors do I use to portray how I feel?
    • How do I turn this bag into a puppet?
    • What color pattern will I use on a beaded bracelet?
  • Inventiveness: When kids are encouraged to express themselves and take risks in creating art, they develop a sense of innovation.
  • Collaboration: Through the arts, children practice working together, sharing materials and responsibility, as well as compromising with each other to accomplish a common goal.
  • Improved Academic Performance: Studies show that there is a correlation between art and other achievement. A report by “Americans for the Arts” states that children who participate regularly in the arts are more likely to be recognized for academic achievement.

All of these are necessary skills for adapting to new situations and ideas. Ultimately as  these skills develop in a fun yet nurturing environment, so will a child’s perseverance and focus, allowing them to not only achieve success but their overall confidence.

Why Art?

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Social skills are important for everyday success in the world. Some children have a difficult time understanding and doing what is socially acceptable. 

While there are many workshops that are available, what sets Little P.I.C.A.S.S.Os apart from the rest is that the focus of our workshop is based on art. While we will integrate more traditional methodologies in our group ​( e. g., role playing, playing games, having snack etc…), we are ultimately trying to teach and practice the necessary life skills needed to be successful in the world through art making. We believe that creating art and using imagination is a place where all children can learn a variety of necessary skills, as well as tolerance needed for dealing with a variety of situations that may occur in their lives.  ​