Currently we are offering two groups on Sundays: Junior Picassos and Intermediate Picassos. 

Junior Picassos:

  • Children ages 2-4
  • Group session lasts for the therapeutic 1 hour

Intermediate Picassos:

  • Children ages 5-8
  • Group session lasts for the therapeutic 2 hours  

Senior Picassos (Coming Soon):

  • Children ages 9-14
  • Group session lasts for the therapeutic 2 hours
  • The focus of this group is to provide activities that work on generalization of skills  into public settings​

Services Offered

​General Information:

  • Each group will contain no more than 6 peers that have similar abilities.
  • The groups will run for 8 weeks and program dates will vary.
  • The workshop cirriculums are based on California State Standards
  • Please contact us for further information


We do NOT accept insurance, but we will provide you with a superbill. Payments can be made in cash or check payable to “Little Picassos”. A down payment is needed to hold your spot, and the remaining balance is due prior to the program start date.


1. There must be at least 5 children enrolled in order for a group to commence.
2. If funds are not received in full prior to the start date, your spot is not guaranteed.
3. You will need to check directly with your insurance company to determine what their particular reimbursement rates are for workshops- if any. Please note that we will NOT be conducting any formal assessments or write reports of any kind for this group. Periodically your insurance company may request documentation regarding therapy (e.g., daily notes) which can be provided if necessary. Daily notes for this group will consist of a checklist rating scale of targeted skills only. P lease remember, your relationship with your insurance company is between you and them. It is your responsibility to determine what is needed and allowed by your insurance company.

Please Call Us For More Information
 (310) 721 2101 or (310) 923 6323